Adults – 14-25s, Seniors & Vets

The Training & Performance Working Group (TAPCOM) is led by Airedale Athletics and chaired by Simon Forde (St Bede’s AC). Its current activities are as follows:

Delivering ‘Run in the West Riding’ courses for absolute beginners or intermediate-level runners who are not attached to clubs, in association with Run-in-England

1. Develop a series of courses for absolute beginners, including Run-in-England groups. Working with a Run-in-England officer for BAN and the Recruitment Officers in DARCOM and the clubs, the aim is to establish a series of satellite groups, with clear pathways to local clubs. In the first year the intention is to set up three or more such groups, including work-place based groups, in addition to existing groups in Baildon and Shipley.

2. Establishing intermediate-level courses for unattached runners, particularly aiming these groups at existing sports clubs where improved athletics skills will assist the fitness of their members. In the first year the aim is to set up two or more such groups. These could include pre-season groups, or general in-season fitness courses of 13 or 17 weeks’ duration.

3. Promoting entry-level road and off-road series for beginners, particularly the weekly Bradford ParkRun in Lister Park.

Club 1425 – creating opportunities in athletics for 14- to 25-year-olds

4. Create a satellite club at Bradford College and University, under the auspices of Bradford Airedale AC whose students would enter into BAAC teams in the Peco XC League and the North of England T&F League. There would also be a weekly Run in England course for staff & students, within the Healthy College programme.

5. Developing an ‘Athletics Academy’ at Bradford College and University, creating a serious training squad of 15 youngsters (principally in endurance events) and a competitive team (for inter-college competitions) whilst offering athletics sessions regularly to 100 sports & leisure management students.

6. Developing a similar Club 1425 or ‘Athletics Academy’ at Kirklees College & Huddersfield University. In the longer term it is hoped that other Club 1425 projects can be delivered at Leeds City College, Keighley and Shipley College.

Club Challenge “Enhanced Training Programmes” – Improving coaching and training for normal, adult endurance runners

7. Institute a quarterly screening and assessment programme at Bradford College and other centres, covering physical screening, physiological and performance tests. In the next phase the testing programme will lead to analysis and the development of corrective and developmental programmes tailored to the individual athlete. This programme also includes on a fortnightly basis individual half-hour injury-prevention and physiotherapy clinics.

8. Offer specialist training programmes of up to 7 months’ duration – including core-strength work, running efficiency & biomechanics, off-road technique and speed-work for endurance runners. After experimental, taster sessions in 2010, the programme in 2011 will integrate the elements initially into a 4-month January-April programme, in two of the sub-districts across the BAN area. This will be modified before, it is hoped, being rolled out in a fuller form in several areas.

9. Encourage the maximum take-up of training opportunities (including mentoring) for coaches, including Leadership in Running Fitness courses. Where possible BAN will host its own courses, or work with neighbouring networks or groups to have courses accessible to Bradford.

Provision for high-performance adult endurance runners – through inter-club training groups

10. Create a team of expert coaches (physiotherapist, conditioning trainer, endurance coach) to direct 7-month training programmes (Nov-May); and analysis of screening results. Through this team training plans will be developed for coaching teams and inter-club training groups, and these coaching teams and the inter-club high-performance group will be placed under the direction of a team of expert coaches, including England Athletics’ Regional Endurance Coach and 3-4 other coaching experts.

The expected numbers of beneficiaries during the current year are: 100 unattached runners or members of other sports club on the ‘Run in the West Riding’ courses and events; and 210 on the other training and coaching courses (of which 135 would be club runners and 23 coaches).

The England Athletics subsidy this year for these activities is £14,200. The courses for unattached runners are expected to generate user-pay income which will be recycled to make the DARCOM group’s activities more sustainable, and to develop a coaching fund for club coaches and leaders. Additionally the group receives support from Bradford College and others for free or heavily subsidised use of facilities, and from England Athletics for several ‘Flying Coach’ visits, together with contributions from club members and the clubs themselves for attending the Enhanced Training Sessions. The group expects to commit 400 hours of volunteer time on these projects.

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