Committees & Constitution

2013 EGM on Monday, 24 June 2013 @ 7.30pm, Undercliffe CC

Following the AGM on 29 April, an outstanding matter was deferred to an Extraordinary General Meeting, concerning establishing competition teams in road and cross-country disciplines at county, Northern and national level. This requires changes to the Constitution. A draft denoting proposed changes is attached here (PDF) and here (Word). Comments or proposed changes should be sent to the Secretary, Alison Hartley, in advance of the EGM.


Airedale Athletics was founded on 1 March 2007 after initial discussions between representatives of Bradford-Airedale AC and St Bede’s AC, after St Bede’s (later Saltaire Striders) had themselves resolved as a committee during 2006 to explore closer structural links with its neighbouring clubs. The exploratory meetings were held between Simon Forde, Jack Verity and Mike Moss on the one side and Stephen Wolstenholme, Brian Elsey and Chris Hainsworth on the other.

The current Airedale Athletics constitution was approved at the April 2011 AGM. It replaced the original one from March 2007 which was signed first by Bradford-Airedale AC and St Bede’s AC, with Eccleshill Road Runners joining on 1 January 2008. Baildon Runners and Skyrac AC each joined on 1 April 2009 and Queensbury Running Club’s application to join was approved on 4 October 2010.

The Board of Oversight

Airedale Athletics is run by a Board of Oversight with one member per club. This Board meets once or twice a year, including agreeing a slate of people to serve as officers for the association, for approval at the AGM. The latest meeting of the Board was on 5 September 2011.

Standing Committee

The AA Standing Committee meets up to five times a year. Minutes and agendas of its meetings are as follows:

2013 meetings took place on:
21 January 2013 (Minutes)

2012 meetings took place on:
30 October 2012 (Minutes) (preparatory documents available on request from the Secretary)

2 July 2012 (Minutes)

AGM on 30 April 2012 (Agenda) and Minutes of the AGM

6 February 2012 (Minutes)

2011 meetings took place on:

14 November 2011 (Agenda) and Minutes

3 October 2011 (Agenda) and Minutes

5 September (replaced by the Board of Oversight holding an informal meeting)

6 June 2011 (Minutes)

AGM on 4 April 2011 (Agenda) and Minutes of the AGM

7 February 2011 (Agenda) and Minutes

2010 meetings took place on:

6 December 2010 (Agenda) and Minutes

4 October 2010 (Agenda) and Minutes

7 June 2010 (Agenda) and Minutes

22 March 2010 (Agenda) and Minutes

1 February 2010 (Agenda) and Minutes

2009 meetings took place on:

7 December 2009 (Agenda) and Minutes

5 October 2009 (Agenda) and Minutes

1 June 2009 (Agenda) and Minutes

6 April 2009 (Agenda) and Minutes

2 February 2009 (Agenda) and Minutes

2008 meetings took place on:

1 December 2008 (Agenda) and Minutes

6 October 2008 (Agenda) and Minutes

2 June 2008 (Agenda) and Minutes

7 April 2008 (Agenda) and Minutes

4 February 2008 (Agenda) and Minutes

The inaugural meeting took place on: 7 December 2007 (Minutes)

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