Off-Road Challenge Series

Current Individual and Club Team Standings

Rankings as of 1 December 2015.

Latest Report from Anna Smith

1 December: With terrific performances at the Wadsworth Half Trog and Harriers v Cyclists, Baildon take a huge lead in the team league and are strongly positioned in the individual table, where they occupy the first ten places.

18 October: Withins Skyline signalled the turn into autumn, with a crisp fresh morning and Hallowe’en fancy dressers lining up with more conventionally dressed runners in the quarry at Penistone Hill. Alistair Gale of Queensbury was first home of the Airedale Athletics competitors with Baildon’s Kevin Brain and Mick Cooper also inside the hour.

Astoundingly Linda Carey, also of Baildon, broke her leg at the remotest point of the course and continued despite intense pain to complete the remaining half of the race before going to hospital. If any of us ever wondered how Baildon manage to keep the team off road trophy season after season, we have been shown in the clearest possible way that they go on winning because of the toughness and courage of their runners.

With 11 finishers Baildon head into an early lead. Queensbury are second in the team league and Reena Mistry put the first score of the season on the board for Eccleshill.

Fixture List and Scoring System

Dates for the Winter Challenge 2015-16 are as follows. Six races count.

11/10/2015 Withins Skyline
24/10/2015 Pain Barrier
24/10/2015 Great Whernside
01/11/2015 Cop Hill
08/11/2015 Wadsworth Half Trog (joker)
21/11/2015 Harriers v Cyclists
26/12/2015 Chevin Chase
27/12/2015 Jolly Holly Jog
01/01/2016 Giant’s Tooth
17/01/2016 Stanbury Splash
06/02/2016 Wadsworth Trog (joker)
21/02/2016 Ilkley Fell Race
27/02/2016 Midgley Moor (joker)
06/03/2016 Ian Roberts Memorial
20/03/2016 Heptonstall (joker)

How the points are worked out:

  1. Points are weighted for age and gender. Your league total is the score from your best six races with your highest scoring joker race giving double points
  2. Your score for each race is calculated by comparing your time with the average of the fastest 3 times in your category (average / your time x 1000)Example:

    Fastest 3 times in category: 15:52, 16:03, 16:40
    Average of fastest 3 times: 16:12
    Runner’s time: 21:14
    Points = 16:12 / 21:14 x 1000 = 763

    This system means that if your time is quicker than the average of the fastest 3, your score will be more than 1000.

    If fewer than 3 runners finished in your category we use the average from the next youngest category. Joker races are regarded as particularly challenging and your total includes double points from your highest scoring Joker.

  3. Everyone’s points count in the club total.

Dates for the Summer Challenge 2015 were as follows. Six races counted.

31/03/2015 Bunny Run 1, Haworth
18/04/2015 Meanwood Valley Trail
03/05/2015 Bluebell Trail (joker)
16/05/2015 Over the Odda
25/05/2015 Austwick Amble
06/06/2015 Wharfedale Off-Road Half-marathon (joker)
20/06/2015 Reservoir Bogs
11/07/2015 Baildon Canter
15/07/2015 Widdop (joker)
19/07/2015 Holme Moss (joker)
22/08/2015 Pendle Three Peaks
13/09/2015 Yorkshireman Off-Road Half-marathon
13/09/2015 Yorkshireman Off-Road Marathon (joker)
20/09/2015 Beefy’s Nab

2015 Summer Challenge: final rankings and final report from Anna Smith

The final rankings from the Summer Challenge 2015 are here:

Club league
1. Baildon: 85,428
2. Saltaire: 56,481
3. Queensbury: 46,297
4. Eccleshill: 26,181

Individual league
1. Mick Coe, Queensbury: 6676
2. Rebecca Langdon, Baildon: 6615
3. Ian Hartman, Baildon: 6609
4. Rob Myers, Baildon: 5909
5. Matt Fielding, Queensbury: 5532
6. Gareth Holme, Baildon: 5297
7. Jim Barnett, Baildon: 5026
8. Stacey Cleal, Queensbury: 4712
9. Lee Hipwell, Queensbury: 4481
10. Anna Smith, Queensbury: 4061

4 October: There has been a hard, close race for the individual trophy with fewer than 70 points separating the top three after the last fixture (see above).

Many congratulations to everyone who has taken part, to everyone who ran so well this afternoon at Beefy’s Nab, and to the people at the top of the league: Mick, Rebecca, Ian and Rob.

Baildon keeps the team trophy for another season – congratulations to all the team.

2014-15 Winter Challenge: final rankings and final report from Anna Smith

The final rankings from the Winter Challenge 2014-15 are here:

Club league
1. Baildon: 92,467
2. Queensbury: 46,434
3. Saltaire: 38,052
4. Skyrac: 11,889
5. Eccleshill: 8851

Individual league
1. Emma Stoney, Baildon: 6332
2. Ian Hartman, Baildon: 6316
3. Rob Myers, Baildon: 5449
4. Kate Walter, Baildon: 5396
5. Jim Goddard, Baildon: 5073
6. Mick Coe, Queensbury: 5002
7. Linda Carey, Baildon: 4966
8. Peter Hughes, Queensbury: 4922
9. Neil Fairburn, Baildon: 4766
10. Lee Hipwell, Queensbury: 4323

29 March:  A huge well done to Emma Stoney for winning the Winter Challenge this year, to Ian Hartman for coming so close (just 16 points away from the win) and to Rob Myers for taking third position with joker points from Heptonstall.  Kate Walter finished the season with a good run at Rivock Edge, and Jim Goddard was the only Airedale Athletics runner to tackle and complete the 20 mile Wadsworth Trog, a really demanding
route in every way.  These Baildon runners took the five top individual places and Baildon also won the team trophy, showing strong commitment to maintain a lead throughout the season.

Queensbury finished second in the team competition with Mick Coe their highest-placed individual.  Steph Wilson was the leading runner for Saltaire Striders, Lyndon Ross for Eccleshill, Stephen Batley for Skyrac and Stephen Wolstenholme for Bradford Airedale.

Many congratulations to the winners and to everyone who took part. They’re friendly races and they take you to beautiful places.  This weekend was a reminder that there are no guarantees about the weather, but I hope you enjoy the spring and summer league fixtures.

2014 Summer Challenge: final rankings and final report from Anna Smith

The final rankings from the Summer Challenge 2014 are here:

Club league
1. Baildon: 117,225
2. Saltaire: 54,680
3. Queensbury: 46,501
4. Eccleshill: 36,449

Individual league
1. Debbie Bland, Baildon: 6802
2. Ian Hartman, Baildon: 6355
3. Neil Fairburn, Baildon: 5737
4. Jim Goddard, Baildon: 5583
5. Michael Coe, Queensbury: 5456
6. Linda Carey, Baildon: 5384
7. Gareth Holme, Baildon: 5129
8. Sue Coates, Baildon: 4685
9. Nigel Shaw, Baildon: 4453
10. Anna Smith, Queensbury: 4434

4 October: The steep climb and fast descent of Beefy’s Nab (Oxenhope, 21 October) were decisive at the top of the individual league, with Debbie Bland scoring the points she needed to take her past Ian Hartman into first place and Neil Fairburn moving ahead of Jim Goddard into third. The top individual places were closely contested between Baildon runners, with Mick Coe (Queensbury) in fifth and Baildon’s Linda Carey sixth.

Queensbury had a good turnout at Oxenhope and their third team place was consolidated over tricky Calder Valley country at the Good Shepherd by Mick Coe and Chris Williams. Chris had a great run to take third place and in a very competitive field both Mick and Baildon’s Michelle Morris were involved in fast finishes after 14 miles of demanding gradients and tough terrain.

Baildon were convincing winners of the team trophy with Saltaire Striders in second place. Many congratulations to Debbie, Ian, Neil and all the Baildon runners who competed for the top spots, ran the races and encouraged each other to such a good team win. Well done to everyone who competed.

2013-14 Winter Challenge: final rankings and final report from Anna Smith

The final rankings from the Winter Challenge 2013-14 are here:

Club league
1. Baildon: 52,972
2. Queensbury: 51,913
3. Saltaire: 36,537

Individual league
1. Ian Hartman, Baildon: 6602
2. Michael Coe, Queensbury: 6139
3. Anna Smith, Queensbury: 6123
4. Ben Clare, Queensbury: 5501
5. Jim Goddard, Baildon: 5367
6. Bob Hudson, Saltaire: 4926
7. Chris Williams, Queensbury: 4305
8. Graham Jowett, Queensbury: 4033
9. Peter Hughes, Queensbury: 3873
10. Peter Huby, Saltaire: 3690

2 April: The team competition was very close coming into the final fixtures with excellent team results for Queensbury at Midgley Moor and Heptonstall. However strong performances by Baildon runners at the Keighley 10K edged them back into the lead to finish the season once again at the top of the team table ahead of Queensbury with Saltaire Striders third. Eccleshill also had a tremendous morning at Keighley, moving past Skyrac into fourth place.

Congratulations to Ian Hartman on his individual league win, beginning in October with a terrific performance at Race You to the Summit and retaining his lead for Baildon through the hard winter races. Congratulations too to Queensbury’s Mick Coe, finishing the season in second place after showing strong form throughout. Saltaire’s leading runner was Bob Hudson (6th) with Eccleshill’s Mick Hogan also in the top 20. Gerard Mills represented Bradford Airedale AC with an outstanding run at Harriers v Cyclists and Stephen Batley clocked the highest Skyrac score. Anna Smith, Tracy Foy and Kate Walter all placed in the leading 20 individuals making strong contributions to their team scores. Many congratulations to the clubs and all runners (over 100!).

2013 Summer Challenge: final rankings and final report from Anna Smith

The final rankings from the Summer Challenge 2013 are here:

Club league
1. Baildon: 93124
2. Queensbury: 50178
3. Saltaire: 49793

Individual league
1. Anna Smith, Queensbury: 7454
2. Chris Williams, Queensbury: 6199
3. Quentin Lewis, Baildon: 6128
4. Ben Clare, Queensbury: 5998
5. Michael Coe, Queensbury: 5808
6. Jim Goddard, Baildon: 5413
7. Dan Cobb, Baildon: 5407
8. Philip Brown, Baildon: 5282
9. Neil Fairburn, Baildon: 5142
10. Peter Hughes, Queensbury: 4193

4 October: This is the last update for the summer season.

As runners gathered at Thieveley Pike the morning cleared to perfect visibility. The steep climb was early in the race and runners used handholds to scramble past each other up a slope covered in a mixture of grass and moss. After turning into an easterly wind and rounding the Pike itself runners flashed down the steep descent before one more climb and the race to the finish in the field next to the sheepdog trials.

Anna Smith (Queensbury) was 7th lady and Ian Hartman (Baildon) was also 7th in a closely contested MV60 category. Ian’s joker score adds the best part of 2000 points to the already massive Baildon team total built up over the summer by more than 40 runners. Anna’s run at Thieveley Pike secures first place in the individual league with Chris Williams, also of Queensbury, in second and Baildon’s Quentin Lewis third. There are five runners from Queensbury and five from Baildon in the leading ten, with Peter Huby (14th) the first runner for Saltaire, Joanne Thompson (22nd) first for Skyrac and Anne Akers (36th) first for Eccleshill. Congratulations to everyone (all 116!) who took part in the season’s fixtures. Well done, and good luck with the events you have lined up for the autumn and winter.

2012-13 Winter Challenge: final rankings and final report from Anna Smith

The final rankings from the Winter Challenge 2012-13 are here. And the individual roll of honour:

1. Mick Chambers, Saltaire Striders: 4803pts
2. Jim Goddard, Baildon Runners: 4644
3. Anna Smith, Baildon Runners: 4226
4. Neil Fairburn, Baildon Runners: 4044
5. Chris Williams, Queensbury: 3804
6. Bob Pritchard, Skyrac: 3413
7. Linda Carey, Baildon Runners: 3119
8. Liz Boothman, Baildon Runners: 3078
9. John Crabtree, Baildon Runners: 3045
10. Peter Hughes, Queensbury: 2883

30 March: As you may have noticed the weather caught up with us on the final leg. The last scheduled race in the league, Midgley Moor, was cancelled and the winter season ended with Heptonstall on 17 March.

Since Martin Farrar has been running with Wharfedale this year, Mick Chambers of Saltaire Striders is the very deserving winner of this year’s Off-Road Winter Challenge with 4803 points from four great races including tremendous performances over December and the New Year at Mytholmroyd, Chevin Chase and Giant’s Tooth.

Jim Goddard (Baildon) took on some challenging routes and ran consistently throughout the season to take second place in the individual challenge, with Anna Smith, also of Baildon, in third.

Thanks to keen participation by a lot of different people, Baildon Runners won the team trophy by a resounding margin.

Many congratulations to the trophy winners, and to everyone who took part in any of the races this season. We hope that you enjoyed them and are looking forward to the Summer Challenge, which starts on 2 April with the first Bunny Run at Haworth.

2012 Summer Challenge: final rankings

The final rankings from the Summer Challenge 2012 are here. Quentin Lewis won again, with Peter Hughes coming in second and John Crabtree third having run a total of 12 races. Congratulations to everyone. Baildon Runners won the team trophy again as well. Many thanks to Liz Boothman for organising the Challenge for several years. She has now passed the baton to Anna Smith.

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