Athletics is an activity that requires a fine blend of stamina, suppleness, speed, technical skill, and psychological strength. These are sometimes known as the six S’s. Training and developing each and all of these will help you become fitter, healthier, and better in any sport you want to practise.

In these pages we’ll provide resources, advice, sign-posts and opportunities to train more effectively.

SportsShare can provide you with 4-month season-long training sessions, short training courses, individualised training plans, tailor-made training plans for beginners and upwards (from 5k to half-marathon), advice on forthcoming workshops, evening or weekend courses, and other resources.

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Happening Now

Enhanced Training for Runners

Registrations for the new programme now open!

Club 14-25

Coached training sessions for students and young athletes

Useful Information

Training Resources

Resources for Enhanced Training Sessions - latest training schedules, info on seminars and courses, and more.


Details of activities in the coming week or so