Training Plans

Training information and plans

Airedale Athletics have developed a range of training plans for SportsShare. Just click on the links to download the ones you want. SportsShare Start2Run introduction: an introduction covering the basics; a great resource for complete beginners.
SportsShare Start2Run 5K training plan: developed for the Bradford City Run 2010, this includes Start2Run information and a 5km training plan to help you reach your goal.
SportsShare 10k 10-Week Plan: developed for the Epilepsy Action Bradford 10k but can be used for any 10k event.
SportsShare 10k 5-week plan: developed for the Epilepsy Action Bradford 10k but can be used for any 10k event.
SportsShare half-marathon training plan: a 4-month training plan.
SportsShare introduction to pacing: it’s important to understand what pacing is and how to use it – this will answer your questions!

Speedwork with Brian Scobie: Training Documents

Download Brian’s Sample Weekly Training Plan to customise as you require.

Download the Outline for the Spring 2011 Track Session Outline (which will be updated here as necessary).

Download the Autumn 2010 Track Session Outline so you can see how the present course is a continuation of those sessions.

Speedwork Session Plans: Download the outline of Session 2.

Individualised training plans

If you want an individualised training plan, then please contact us. It is useful for us to know:
– your aim (including details of a target race, such as its date and distance)
– your projected start-date
– the end-date for the plan (e.g. date of a target race)
– which days of the week you want to train
– which are your rest days each week (or days when you do another exercise, such as gym, swimming or cycling)
– which day of the week you normally like to do a long run
– which day or days of the week can you afford to do a hard session
– how long you have been running and any recurrent injuries
– what mileage you have been doing in recent weeks.

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